why, hello!

Portrait by Roland Brückner | www.bitteschön.tv Welcome to quotable or questionable? a melting pot of quotes on everything from politics to literature, social justice and identity curated by yours truly, a lover of life, reading, writing and exploring from South Africa living in Berlin, Germany.

People say the darnest things – sometimes crazy, sometimes beautiful, insightful, thought-provoking or controversial, but are they quotable or questionable? Well, that’s up to you to decide.

Feel free to share the quotables on facebook, twitter or wherever you get your social media on. I’d also love to hear all your ideas and comments on the questionables. Follow this blog to receive your daily dose of quote delivered to your inbox.

Have fun!

PS. I also share words and pics on the prodigal letters and instagram – hope to see you there soon!

PPS. The portrait is by illustrator extrodinaire, Roland Brückner of bitteschön.tv

can i quote you on that?

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